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Medieval Tavern Dětenice

One step into the tavern and you will be transported from the 21st century back to the Middle Ages! You will immediately feel the ancient energy radiating from the vaults and old stone walls. Each sentence shouted out by the clamorous staff and tones of medieval songs will make you feel as they did in yesteryear.


Sit down on a wooden bench at a stone table and forget your everyday worries and become part of the Middle Ages. The local speciality is meat roasted on an open fire and other unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere else.


Then all of sudden, a group of lovely dancers, and swordsmen will provide you with a night of entertainment. A beggar pleading for leftover bones, music seducing you to dance- one does not know what to watch first! These are the real Middle Ages.


We can organise for you a family or wedding feast as well as corporate parties at the Medieval Tavern. Every day, you can take part in a medieval programme and, as if by waving a magic wand, you will find yourself in the Middle Ages – you will be surrounded by conjurers, dossers, fakirs, dancers and medieval music.


And if you get hungry or thirsty while experiencing this medieval affair, just loudly ask the tapster to tap you another mug of delicious beer and you will quickly be served with another tasty dish from our kitchen.


Come and join us an epic journey to the Middle Ages!


Opening hours 

 Monday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m.
 Tuesday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m.
 Wednesday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m. 
 Thursday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m.
 Friday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m.
 Saturday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m.
 Sunday  11:00 - 24:00  Medieval show from 7 p.m.


 Reservations: +420 493 599 142, +420 602 728 422